Take part in Innovate UK’s survey to identify the UK future’s technologies



Innovate UK have launched their annual survey to identify the UK’s future technologies.

Innovate UK in collaboration with UKRI colleagues would like to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of the UK scientific community to help identify the new discoveries and developments that could turn into the important technologies of the future. They are particularly interested in technologies that will have the greatest economic or social impact in 2040 and beyond.

No technology is too early or too bizarre to be included. From new battery materials to levitation technologies, from medical breakthroughs through to invisibility devices, from the technology for grid scale wireless energy transfer through to brain-computer interfaces, they are looking far and wide for the scientific breakthroughs of today that may become technologies of the future.

This survey contains six questions, only four of which are mandatory. To give you an example of the level of detail we are hoping for in your responses, past technologies identified through this survey include things like specific genetic treatments for disease, new techniques within AI, and details of the materials involved in the next generation of battery chemistry.

The insights collected by this survey are used in a number of UKRI activities, but they are particularly important for Innovate UK’s 50 Emerging Technologies report. Theyuse the technologies identified by you as the starting point for to select this year’s most interesting and important technologies to highlight to our community. So if you felt something essential was missing from last year’s report, then please be sure to include that technology in your response.

Why your views matter

UKRI believe that the best way to identify the technologies of the future is to ask the people who are creating them. Scientists and researchers across the UK are developing the cutting edge science and knowledge that will lead to the future creation and success of tomorrow’s technologies. So they are coming to you, hoping that you can tell us about your breakthroughs, the science that is exciting you, and perhaps even let them know about some of the interesting and unexpected things you are tinkering with alongside your main area of work.

To submit a response to this survey you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field you are telling them about- if you have seen or heard something interesting from a colleague, have read something that has piqued your curiosity please feel free to include that in your answer. But also, if you are the person or team who have led to the breakthrough, please do let them know what you have created and why it excites you!

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