New Seeding Award Funding available

Three seedlings


At the UK Food Safety Research Network, we are pleased to announce a new funding opportunity.

The FSRN Seeding Award is a rapid call for short-term projects and can be used to enhance an ongoing activity or to prime for a future project. We invite application for cross-sector and cross-disciplinary projects centered around current food safety challenges and opportunities.

The Network welcomes project ideas from partnerships formed from across the food sector, including from primary producers, retailers, through to policy organisations and academics.

Funding is available for current Food Safety Research Network members and must represent a new collaboration between an academic lead applicant eligible to receive BBSRC funding and at least one non-academic partner. People can join the UK Food Safety Research Network for free.

Activities that can be funded range from characterisation studies in the lab, through to partnership building and business case development.

Multiple academic and non-academic partners are encouraged where it benefits the project.

£475K is available in this call and we anticipate funding a portfolio of awards at different sizes and scales, focused on a variety of opportunities.

Applications for the funding closed on 14 November 2023 and the funded activity must be complete by 16 February 2024.