Mission and Vision

The UK Food Safety Research Network connects food industry, food and health policymakers and academia to collaboratively pursue shared research priorities that will protect the UK from foodborne hazards.

The network is hosted by Quadram Institute, funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and serves as an innovation hub to coordinate and fund cross-sectoral research and training activities that address current and emerging challenges.

The networks objectives are to:

  • assemble a community of UK food producers, food policy makers and scientific researchers who collectively can take robust actions toward improving food safety
  • identify areas of research need and opportunity that, in the view of food stakeholders and network members, will have meaningful impacts on UK food safety
  • coordinate new collaborative research activities that will promote the application of science towards the food safety challenges identified by our food system community
  • host training to promote skills development, interoperability and relationship-building between our food system community
  • translate the knowledge generated within the network to food safety stakeholders, and to upcycle existing information and technologies relevant to food safety that have not yet been applied more broadly

The network is led by Quadram Institute group leaders Dr Matthew Gilmour and Dr Maria Traka. 

Our priority areas

We have had significant feedback from partners across the food chain and this has prioritised three key areas for collaborative projects within the network:

Mission and Vision
The UK Food Safety Research Network has developed a core logo and branding for the Network.
Mission and Vision
The UK Food Safety Research Network, hosted by Quadram Institute Bioscience, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This notice sets out how Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) will
Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision